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Like Waters (2015)

"There is a tenderness about these poems, smooth dreamy language, making a 'marionette’s fantasy' to carry lovers until they fall and shatter and reconstruct themselves together so 'they will dance / like waters love.' These poems pronounce love as a feeling that can combat loneliness and emotional wounds, or at least split those pains between two people so they are not as intense. It doesn’t matter how dark the world is or how broken bodies are, they will find rest and heaven as long as they are tied together. What inspiration and affirmation, within just a handful of pages."

Bethany Mary, Vagabond City Lit Review 2017


Since When He Have Wings  (2018)

New Chapbook, "Since When He Have Wings" Forthcoming in 2018

"These poems are good. Really good, but more importantly, they aim to examine how sadness, grief, pride, and joy look like at the intersections of race, cultural identity, and mental health. And I think they succeed." - Mckendy Fils-Aimé

 "Mahung’s writing is smart, visceral and enthralled in a tone reminiscent of your cousin, your grandma, or the person you miss most. Since When He Have Wings is a collection of poems and a heart-stirring poem in itself. " - Porsha Olayiwola

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